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The Madwoman in the Attic

June 4th, 2010

A small letter of displeasure @ 10:14 am

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Current Music: The Cool and The Deadly - Future Has No Love

Dear Baby the Stars Shine Bright,
         It is very frustrating, no scratch that, downright infuriating when you
  1. Post items that you no longer have stock of with out mentioning that that it is out of stock
  2. Post different measurements than you did when it was on reserve
CUT IT OUT! I would very much like to spend my hard earned money on your lovely wares (especially your Alice and the Pirates items) however, this continued behavior aggravates me to the point that I often go months without visiting your site. Please stop. It's makes me a very sad Loli.

Much love,
Erica Johnson

P.S. AatP Fairytale Prints > BttSB Fairytale Prints. Please keep this up and do a 12 Dancing Princesses or even better a Good Blanche, Bad Rose print next.

Now to walk the dogs and the sew like a madwoman. I have to pull together a skirt and a new petti to wear for the meetup for tomorrow.

May 26th, 2010

I think I might like to read this but at the same time, not so much. @ 10:30 pm

Current Mood: recumbent recumbent
Current Music: Carole King - I Feel the Earth Move

Has anyone read The Creation of Patriarchy by Gerda Lerner ? I was looking through my bookmarks again today and came across this. The feminist in me is curious, the historian in me is curious from a historiographic perspective(oh Jenna, you were so right about that class. It was A LOT of reading but, probably my favorite class this semester), but there is a part of me that is suspicious of the "Admittedly sparse prehistorical evidence".

And now for something completely different: Rasputina's newest album Sister Kinderhook comes out June 15. Hecka excited. My list of new albums I need to buy/download grows ever longer. I downloaded MUSE's The Resistence and kind of forgot about Rammestein/Janelle Monae/Tapping the Vein/other stuff I can't even remember at the moment.

May 22nd, 2010

(no subject) @ 11:14 pm

Current Mood: good good
Current Music: Justin Timberlake - SexyBack

My computer has decided that now it wants to act wonky. The ac adapter is broken, the battery is shot, and it likes to shut off with no warning. All of this is leading me to believe that after 4 years and my tough love, that Compy is giving up the ghost. However, I don't want to lose my loverly bookmarks, so prepare yourselves for a series of dumps. This first one is from my unsorted bookmarks and from my "Things I Love" section of things I meant to post in TILTs. Corset shops, pastry recipes, music, gardening books I want and a few nerdy things ensue.
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January 3rd, 2010

I really don't feel like vaccuming my room right now. @ 08:48 pm

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Current Music: Rasputina - Sister Sleep

Everyone and their mom (if their mom is a Lolita) is doing this meme so I'm gonna just jump on the bandwagon here for a sec.

Because it's relevant and gimp doesn't want to work properly today so that I can make a macro.

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January 1st, 2010

Look back, move forward @ 12:07 pm

Current Mood: hopeful hopeful
Current Music: Danielle Dax - Cathouse

I just finished my ceremonial changing of the calendar (This year's calendar is The Munsters) officially marking that 2009 and all of it's madness is over. Part of me feels like I need to reflect on last year and talk about what I want to do for the next year, but my mind is churning this morning and I'm having trouble keeping my thoughts straight so I think I need to wait.

I do know that I want to get more organzed this year. I will agree with my mother that man of my issues, especially with school come from my lack of organization, so my first act this year will be going out and purchasing an agend. The one's we recieve from school are not nearly large enough to keep track of my sometimes in depth assignments, work schedule and social calendar in addition to the other things I like to keep track of (my mini due dates, sewing projects, lunar patterns, brand/group order/auction end dates, shipping/payment dates). I do know that I want to find a better job and land a really interesting intership. Everyone and their mom in my major either goes and works at the Museum of Industry or the Baltimore County or Maryland Historical Society and quite frankylu I'm sick of those presentations. They don't interest me. I kind of want to see what I could do at the Reginald Lewis or maybe land one in DC over the summer. I also want to improve Cosplay Club. We are currently without an advisor (she's gone), a treasurer, two of our officiers are not really on speaking terms, we keep losing members and have some organizational issues. Finally, I know I want to work on my health. This break I've really been focusing on my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and I want to continue to make that one of my focuses into the next year. I've been working out and stretching to get my body in better shape and taking better care of my hair and skin. I've been talking with my mother and friends a lot about how I feel about things and trying to express those things that I've been keeping in and it's helping. After years of siting in my closet, I've rebuilt my altar and been dedicating time re-introduce prayer and meditation into my life. It used to give me so much peace when I was younger. I'm also trying to work to figure out those folks who find fortifying to be around. All of these things are contributing to better mental health as I'm feeling more at peace and I'm starting to see that like that No Doubt song, I'm really lovely underneath it all.

Wow, for someone who said that I wasn't sure what I wanted it's seems that I do.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it holds more prosperity, better health and more peace of mind than the last.

Ok, well maybe just one meme.


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December 24th, 2009

TILT and various and sundry things if I can remember them @ 06:52 pm

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: Rammstein - Sonne

WOO. It's Christmas Eve. While Yule is something I usually celebrate by myself, Christmas is a big family affair in my household. There is always alot of stress and pressure in the house to make sure it it looks nice and that everything is ready and for me, I always find myself at the last moment trying to find the right presents. I've probably expressed several times about how I usually feel like a big ball of fail when it comes to my family but, I always try to put a lot of thought and care into what they want considering what they already have, their personal tastes and sensitivities and even going so far as to ninja through internet bookmarks to see what they've been checking out. This year however I got done early and I'm quite pleased with what I got. The only gift that I'm feel kind of iffy about is I got pater monster a copy of Left4Dead for the XBOX 360. He wants to get on Live more now and that game is awesome when you can play it with other people. Also, he's seems to like FPS but I wanted to show him that there is more to that genre than Halo. The thing is he can't get down with most adventure or role playing games, doesn't like shooting people and doesn't like a lot of gore which rules most FPS out. I think I'm just going to return it and get Fallout 3 or Dante's Inferno (things I want).

Other things that are made of win this week:
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Well, that does it for now. I should probably go look into getting some nourishment for me and the pups. Have a happy Christmas Eve for those of you who celebrate. I plan on spending the rest of the night baking and hopefully watching The Muppets Christmas Carol, Nightmare Before Christmas, A Year Without a Santa Claus, and Belle's Enchanted Christmas (I know it's a Disney sequel but it's good ok?!) and maybe have some wassial (yum yum).

December 11th, 2009

*wipes sweat from brow* @ 12:22 am

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy
Current Music: Elbow - The Bones of You
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It seems like everyone is really having a rough one these last few weeks of school. Financial issues, family issues, criticism on our work and/or views, relationship troubles that won't quit on top of trying to finish final projects, study for exams and make up assignments for all those times when we just wanted to disappear in bottle, a dime bag, a blog or whatever your vice of choice is. This semester has been surprisingly rough, filled with unexpected highs, like the rare occasions I got to hang with my friends, and crushing lows during which I made my first attempt on my own life in years. But somehow, I'm getting through. I'm almost finished. I've got a paper on Bille Holiday to do, work on making up some of my Renaissance homework and a 5 page paper for Renaissance (that after reading the assignment, is going to be very tough. It's a synthesis of everything we've learned like " What can we learn from the Reformation about religious unity and diversity in our country today?"). But this post isn't about that. Nope. I'm taking a moment to going to try to think of things that have made me happy/squee/dance giddily as of late.

  • Tumblr - aka that place where I spent all of my time yesterday. Those of you unfamiliar with Tumblr, it's a blogging platform, but instead of posting long entries, people may post photos, music, videos, links, or quotes. Occasionally you'll see longer posts, but those are kind of rare. these blogs are themed and are really great if you are looking for inspiration. My favorites are A Gothic Lolita's Memoir, Witch Daughter, I'mma Let You Finish (although it's kind of old now. Old meme is old and all), Obama Is Literally Hitler, Honeyed (companion Tumblr to my favorite Lolita blog, F*** Yeah, Lolita!), cuteboyishlesbiangirls, Fuck Yeah Femmes, Girls in Suits, Real Men Wear Suits, and finally Fuck Yeah Alexander Skarsgard (because he's a tall glass of Swedish sexiness).
  • Cinnamon Hot Chocolate- Mommo has been picking it up from Ollie's everytime she goes either back near our old neighborhood or when she goes up to Dundalk to watch Lauren play. It's so good. I have like a cup a day and we have like 4 can deep stash of the stuff. It's so sad.
  • My friends - I know I really haven't seen much of you guys lately, but you guys really keep me going.
  • Billie Holiday - I just started listening to her more for this assignment and I'm really feeling her.
  • Kuroshitsuji - Somewhere between when it became Yakitate!! Japan and the Circus Arc it really picked up. I was just about to give up on it because it was kind of boring, Sebastian was just meh to me, the vague shouta undertone of his and Ciel's relationship squicked me and Sebastian's constant repetition of his catchphrase annoyed me. Oh and then there is Grell. I would just like to say for the record that I do not have a problem with flamboyantly, openly gay characters. I just don't like Grell. There is nothing particularly interesting or compelling about him at all. He just seems to be there as fanservice for Yoai fangirls who want to ship Sebastian with someone. Also, Meirin/Maylene is the shit. I'm going as her eventually to some con. Probably, Katsu. I just love gun toting/sword wielding gals in uniforms especially if they seem inept but then when presented with the opportunity are total bamfs.
  • Lady Gaga - She's growing on me. Somewhere between the 10th and 11th time hearing Bad Romance while driving to South Carolina for Thanksgiving, I decided that she actually wasn't too terrible. And then I heard Teeth (first through a True Blood fanvid and then through a Alucard/Seras fanmix) and I decided that I might just be getting a copy of The Fame Monster.
  • She Wolf by Shakira - The video is retarded but, I love this song. I am not ashamed at all.
  • Princess and the Frog - TOMORROW OMG!
  • BeruBara Kids - Chibi version of the cast in comical little four panel strips by the original creator Ikeda Riyoko. Most of the jokes are in jokes relating to the comic so you kind of have to be familiar with it. I think they are funny though. Speaking of Rose of Versailles, I think my next Takarazuka Revue purchase will the 06' show as I've heard that there is some unintended Rosalie/Oscar (YAY!) and Komu in all of her awesomeness.
  • Animetal - I'm such a nerd. I don't care it's awesome. I'm torn between their cover of the Rose of Versailles theme or the Sailor Moon theme. I mean seriously:
Team BeruBara or Team PGSMCollapse )

Alright, I think that is all for now. I probably should turn in. I have alot to do tomorrow.

November 30th, 2009

Winter Flowers @ 11:33 pm

Current Mood: optimistic optimistic
Current Music: Kittie - Into the Darkness

I can't believe that November is almost over. Can't say I'm unhappy about it. November, heck fall in general kind of sucked immensely. I'm actually looking forward to winter. I'm looking forward to...
  • hot cups of wassail by the fireplace
  • the way snow forms like a halo on my hair and shoulders
  • A Year Without a Santa Claus and the Snowmeiser/Heatmeiser song
  • finally being able to wear all the wool and velvet and comfy knitted things I want without fear of overheating
  • catching snowflakes on my tongue
  • watching Leo and Penelope leap through the snow
  • a break off from school and all of it's madness
  • crazy knitted hats that don't go with anything else I have on. I really want to make one with with a mohawk and earflaps, one that looks like a hermit crab shell or this Vlad the Impaler inspired hat.
  • flannel sheets
  • hopefully going to Yule service with Matt
  • more time to sew
  • hopefully getting to see some of my local friends more often
What about you guys?

November 2nd, 2009

And if you don't know, now you know. @ 10:32 pm

Current Mood: sore sore
Current Music: Sweeney Todd movie soundtrack - Pretty Women

Have you ever sat down and listened to a song, especially one from when you were younger, and realized that you were missing what the song was about because you had only heard a portion of it? I had two of those moments today in American Music Traditions class. The first song was "This Land is Your Land" by Woody Gunthrie. I remember learning it in elementary school as a fluffy little patriotic song like "America the Beautiful". Well, that was because I only learned the first few stanzas. Here you take a listen and let's see if I'm the only one who hears the social commentary in the song.

The other song was of all things, "Puff the Magic Dragon" by Peter, Paul and Mary. Before today, I knew maybe the first 3 lines and I had always heard the rumor that the song was about drugs or whathaveyou. Having now heard the whole song, I don't see it. The last verse in particular makes me think it's about a lost of innocence and growing up. *shrugs* What do you guys think?


October 24th, 2009

Catch up post # 2: Songs of the Elder Gods @ 12:30 pm

Current Mood: mellow mellow
Current Music: Windsor for the Derby - The Melody of the Fallen Tree

I would like to start off by saying that I am NOT the biggest H.P.Lovecraft fan. While there are certain stories that I find suspenseful, chilling and terrifying I find much of his mythos confusing and many of his stories tedious. This aside I still get a chuckle out of the below songs, mostly because I like jaunty tunes about tentacled creature that will make me go crazy and then eat me and fishmen.


The Madwoman in the Attic