The Madwoman in the Attic

11 June 1988
Jenny describes me best, "You're so unique and awesome that mere mortals recede in the shadows you cast."
I'm a pretty laid back person, prone to bursting into song and dance as well as epic over dramaticizing. And inventing words. This journal is about 98% friends only so please comment to be added.

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Voltaire is Songwriting, Comic-Drawing, Interior Decorating, Animating, Skull-Sweater-Wearing Love

Nana x Hachi is "We need eachother" love
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Bisexuality is Real.

ZUTARA is misunderstood love.

Takarazuka Elizabeth is Sparkly, Sexy, Stalker love




General Fandoms

19th century architecture, 90s cartoons, 90s tv shows, accordions, altering clothing, and one, asian horror films, avatar: the last airbender, baking, battle royale, bauhaus, billie holiday, bjd, bondage, break dancing, calligraphy, chopin, claire voyant, corsetry, cosplay, crowns, dance, darkwave, doctor who, egl, emily dickenson, emma:a victorian romance, fairytales, female historical figures, feminism, fishbone, foreign languages, french films, gardening, godchild, gogol bordello, gothic and lolita bible, grave of the fireflies, h.naoto, harry potter, hellsing, history, industrial, innocent world, j-rock, johnny depp, joy division, kamikaze girls, kenna, knitting, kodona, kokusyoku sumire, latex makeup, losing weight, manga, maria-sama ga miteru, mira, mongolian music, morrissey, muse, music: classical, my ruin, nana, natural hair care, neil gaiman, new wave, novala takemoto, old school goth, othello, phillip pullman, piano, rachel true, rasputina, reading, riot grrl, rollerskating, rose of versailles, rozen maiden, rufus wainwright, sadism, sewing, shojo-ai, six string samuari, skating, skinny puppy, souxsie and the banshees, steampunk, stevie nicks, strawberry panic, swing dancing, tabi boots, takarazuka revue, tamar kali, tapping the vein, tea, the cure, the distillers, the dresden dolls, the empire hideous, the noisettes, the smiths, unto ashes, vegetarian cooking, vermillion lies, versailles, violins, voltaire, w, writing letters, writing manifestos, x-ray spex, zombies